Wireless Alarm Panel

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DESCRIPTION: GSM slim simple alarm
Product Parameter: 
1.4 wire / 6 wireless zones
2.6 groups of voice telephone number 3 groups of telephone No. to send SMS
3.1 group of NO, NC signal output
4.Telephone (cell phone) remote control set programme
5.10 seconds ISD message record automatically
6.Built-in human intelligent digital voice machine
7.Alarm lock memory
8.Leave arm, At home arm, remote control arm
9.Wireless intelligent learning code, easy to operate
10.Cell phone (telephone) remote control arm, disarm, monitor the sound
11.Timely, delay, 24-hour, bypass zones
12.Remote control arm/disarm operate siren prompt can be set
13.E2PROM message protect, the message will not lost even if it's power off
14.Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, it can shift to spare battery if it's power off
15.AC, DC to be used, 24-hour continuous work
16.Alarm panel tamper, low voltage self-checking function. 
Product name: GSM Intelligent Alarm System Control Panel
Input Voltage: DC9V-12V
Static Currency: Less than 55mA
Alarm Currency: Less than 450mA
wireless frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz (selectable)
GSM Mode:  00/ 1800/ 1900MHz
Built-in Battery: NI-HI AAA*6 DC7.4V
Siren Voice: 110dB
Accessories: 1PIR Detector, 1 Door alarm, 1 Siren, 1 Power Adapter,
2 Remote Control, 1 English Manual.