Wired four beam sensor

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4 beam infrared radio
MODEL NO: ABF-100/150/200/250
DESCRIPTION: 4 beam infrared radio
1, anti-glare up to 50,000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system, avoid being 
affected by the impact of light or car lights
2, a unique optical design: optical beam penetrates the layers of glass, has a special anti-environment
3, sealed rain (fog), dust (worms) and other integrated structure designed to enable it to work properly 
in harsh environments
4, Optional dual aspheric fresnel or secondary focusing lens to achieve a large diameter optical beam
5, the modular design allows the detector and the cascading
6, with a high level of resistance to RFI / EMI capability
7, the received signal strength multi-level LED indicators (calibrated more sophisticated)
8, Adjustable beam interdiction cycle to make it more flexible and adaptable
9, detection range: the decision by the various models (see table below)