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Four solar beam sensor
DESCRIPTION:  Four solar beam sensor 
Wireless FSK Type Solar 4-Beam Infrared Detectors with 1km Transmitting Distance
1. Solar-powered, no external power cord required.
2. Radio Frequency (RF) Hopping & FM Signal Alarm, no external signal wire required.
3. Radio Frequency (RF) Hopping & FM Signal Alarm, no wireless signal interference, no reception error, no false alarm. 
4. Adoption of data coding scheme ensures no coincident code among 60000 pairs of light walls.
5. Adoption of Secondary modulated and coded light signal helps to avoid mutual interference among infrared 
    beams of many pairs of light walls.
6. Immune to strong light interference, with interference indication function. 
7. 4-beam, 6-beam, and 8-beam detectors available for different heights of protected areas.
8. Equipped with the function of self-check and reporting to the host.
9. Equipped with the function of reporting to the host about any offset due to such causes as wind blowing after installation.
10. Equipped with a loudspeaker, with on-the-spot alarm function
11.Working voltage:3.3V
12.Battery Type:LiFePO4li-ion battery
13.Battery capacity:transmitting terminal 500mAh, receiving terminal 1000mAh
14.Static working current:transmitting terminal≤0.5mA, receiving terminal≤0.5mA
15.Infrared light wavelength:940nm±20nm
16.Number of infrared beams:4 beams
17.Wireless transmitting frequency:433MHzFSK+FHSS
18.Infrared distance:100m
19.Wireless transmitting distance:ASK-T001Q4  1km
20.Solar electrical panel output current:
 For 4-beam light wall, ≥4mA at an illumination level of 1800Lx 
 (Note:outdoor illumination intensity in rainy days is about 2000Lx)
21. Working environment temperature range:-30℃~70℃
22.Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:
  doorbell ringing times: ≤50; alarm times per minute: ≤3
23.Overall dimension:4-beam light wall 590×84×45 (mm)