Wireless Alarm Panel

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DESCRIPTION: Wireless Auto Dial  Alarm System
* iPhone/Smart Phone APP.
* Two-way Intercom.
* High-definition voice.
* Programming for zones.
* 99 wireless Zones, 2 wired zones.
* 99 Zones,each zone can be renamed.
* Easy to code with Sensors/Detectors.
* Up to 3 groups of Timely Arm/Disarm.
* Remotely Arm/Disarm/monitor/Intercom.
* The Standard ADMECO Contact ID Protocol.
* 10 zones are available for Voice Recording.
* Voice prompt from Siren while arming/disarming by keyfob.
* Internal Re-Chargeable Battery for the back-up of power failure.
* Up to 6 phone numbers to Dial out & 3 SMS Mobile numbers to send SMS on alarm.
Specifications for alarm panel:
Input: DC 12V
Built-in backup battery: DC 7.2V
Standby Current: ≤25mA
Alarming Current: ≤450mA
Transmission Range: ≤100m(Open space/No interference)
Frequency: 433MHz(±75KHz), 2262/4.7MΩ 1527/300K
GSM Frequency Range: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Siren Volume: 120dB
Max Wireless Accessories: 8 remote controllers, 99 detectors
Work Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
Work Humidity: ≤85 %