PIR Detector

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DESCRIPTION: Outdoor PIR, microwave, energy anlysis detector
1. Detecting range:12m,detection angle: 110°;
2. Working voltage: 9-12VDC,Working current: 45mA;
3.  full range of waterproof, pest control design, the use of microprocessors;
4.  Bipolar pulse count adjustable, sensor sensitivity: 4 level optional;
5. professional filters lens, anti-white light: 100000Lux Anti-sun direct interference;
6. the three-sensor composite detection and the ASTC fuzzy logic digital analysis, to exclude all the ordinary detectors can not be overcome interference, only alarm to the real human motion, the performance far beyond the ordinary outdoor detectors;
 7. patent hyperbolic precision temperature compensation, regardless of how temperature ot enviorment changes, the detection sensitivity is consistent, there is no temperature dead zone 
 8. the super three-dimensional anti-false alarm patent technology, anti-glare, high winds, Small objects and a variety of inclement weather, pet immunity level: 25kgs
Pir type: Tri=tech pir detector
Working Voltage:9-12VDC
Batteries: 2x1.2Ah lithium battery
Detection range: 12m
Working Current:<10Ua
Alarm current:<45mA
pet immunity level: 25kg
Working temperature:-10~+60℃