PIR Detector

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DESCRIPTION: Solar PIR detector
1, wireless transmission distance: 200 meters open area;
2, emission frequency: 433MHz / 315MHz;
3, programmed code: 1527;
4, detection distance: 12M, detection angle: 110 degree;
5, working voltage: 6VDC, 2 pcs of 1.2AH lithium battery;
6, four infrared double protection, effectively prevent the false or miss alarm;
7, the full range of automatic temperature compensation, super anti false alarm;
8, advanced anti pet identification technology, can distinguish between the intruder and pet;
9, has the function of preventing and removing alarm, low voltage detection, condition report and so on. safety performance of strong detector;
10, fully protected and sealed optical lens, anti air or insect stem immunity, anti electromagnetic interference;
11, low power design, built-in large capacity battery, unique power saving mode, super long standby time;
12, shape fashion, smooth lines, suitable for any decoration environment;
13, flame retardant ABS shell, equipped with detector bracket.
Technical Parameters:
Battery:3*1.2V  AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Current:standby: 200uA    working: 15mA
Self-checking time:40s
Install height:1.5m---2.4m
Alarm time:2s
Anti RFI/EMI:0.1—500MHz/3v/m
Anti white light:>100000LUX
Low voltage alarm:-10℃~+55℃
Temperature compensation way:Digital temperature compensation method
Operation temperature:-10℃~+55℃
Operation humidity:95%
Sensitivity:8 level adjustable
Detecting speed:0.2m/s to  3.5m/s
Transmission distance:≥200m open area
Emission frequency:315MHz/433MHz
Programmed code:pt2262
Detecting range:
12m2   110°  standard lens
12mx3m 12°curtain lens
12m2   110° pet-immunity lens